Loving God. Loving People. No Matter What.

About Us

What is The Gathering?

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We're a community of Jesus-Followers (a.k.a. Christians) impassioned to see our community, "Love God, Love People, No Matter What!"

1) We love God no matter what life throws our way, no matter how bad things seem to be, no matter how our human reasoning seems to spin things. We will honor God through living a life of worship to Him, exploding into an amazing time with God as we gather together.

2) We love people no matter what because God does. He loves us so much that even though we could be considered His enemy, He chose to take His judgment of our rebellion on Himself, through Lord Jesus on the cross. So we love like that by doing life together (fellowship) & teaching the Bible (discipleship). What’s more, we will love in the most powerful way: sharing the message of salvation from our sin-debt through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, throughout our community, Ocala.

We hope you'll come by and Gather with us soon!